U of Cincinnati women putting their vaginas to good use

This image is from the demonstration, but the flowers have be tastefully added by another blogger. And by “tastefully” I mean annoyingly.

Last May the Genocide Awareness Project did a presentation at the University of Cincinnati that featured images of aborted fetuses. This past week the UC Feminists and UC Alliance responded with a gender empowerment demonstration featuring photos of their own vaginas.

Sporting one of the best news headlines of the week —Vagina Demonstration Causes Flurry of Reactions Throughout Student Body— The News Record’s senior reporter, Jake Grieco, wisely sought comments from students and faculty with varying reactions.

My reaction? WTG women of U. Cincinnati. We need more direct action. For too long the emphasis has been on gaining “rights” for women, gays and other minorities. Laws have been passed, but has the treatment of women improved? Has it really? Somewhere along the way people stopped questioning whether or not legislation had the power to change people’s phobias and behavior. History tells us, it does not.

We need to get back to the goal of “liberation,” in all its troubling complexities, and this kind of grassroots activism is a step in the right direction.

Note: There was a great photo of the demonstration, taken by Madison Schmidt of the News Record, that I wanted to run with this article, but I couldn’t get permission to use it (with attribution) without payment. Can’t afford it, unfortunately. So you’ll have to look it up on their site, which is probably the point. 


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